Gout Symptom

Gout Symptom

Gout symptom can be quite unpleasant and uncomfortable. Below is the list of gout symptom. If you experience these symptoms, it is best to consult your doctor immediately.

Presence of uric acid crystals in joint fluid

More than one attack of acute arthritis

Arthritis that develops in 1 day, producing a swollen, red and warm joint

Attack of arthritis in only one joint, usually toe, ankle or knee.

Symptom relief: self care remedies

avoid food high in purine.

avoid alcohol consumption

Eat plenty of raw fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts. Cherries and strawberries are found to be beneficial to relief pain associated with gout.

Drink a lots of water to dilute the toxins and uric acid in the body.

Avoid processed foods.

Avoid foods high in fats and protein.

How supplements can help?

Because gout is a common health problem, treatments and drugs are readily available. However, they may not be effective to some people. Some drugs are even toxic to the liver and have other unpleasant side effects.

There are natural remedies that help to alleviate the gout symptom, without the side effects of conventional medications. Let's see how these nutritional supplements can help you:

Bromelain is an enzyme derived from pineapples which helps to prevent and treat gout. Bromelain exhibits excellent anti-inflammatory characteristics and is useful to fight all kinds of inflammations. It may relief joint pain associated with gout.

Quercetin is a flavonoid that may helps to reduce levels of uric acid and eliminate inflammations. Quercetin should be taken with Bromelain to promote better absorption to the body.

Olive Leaf, Bilberry and flavonoids may reduce uric acid levels, thus help to ease the symptoms of gout. Cherries is a traditional remedy to prevent and treat gout because it contains flavonoids.

Turmeric is a powerful herb that fights inflammations. Turmeric has been used extensively in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine against gout, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

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