Apollo Munich Maxima Health

Apollo Munich Maxima Health

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Apollo Munich Maximahealth insurance plan offers an extensive coverage for in-patient and outpatient treatment for both individual and family. The plan is offered on a cashless basis within the Apollo Munich network of hospitals. More than 4000 hospitals are covered in this network. This is definitely not your conventional medical insurance policy but comes with much more extra than that. This is said to be India’s first truly comprehensive health insurance plan which deals with all illnesses rather than those that require hospitalization which has been the norm for most other health insurance plans in India.

The Maximahealth insurance plan covers costs associated with doctor consultations, in-patient hospitalization, outpatient treatments, pharmacy expenses, diagnostics tests, annual health check-ups, and specialist services like dental treatment, spectacles and contact lenses.

Apollo Munich MaximaHealth is available for both individual and/or family. It covers persons from 91 days onwards to the maximum age of 65 years. There is no maximum cover ceasing age for this plan. The policy is issued for a period of 1 year. This policy has been widely advertised to be even covering your entire outpatients visit to your doctor even for minor illnesses like sore throat, dental issues, even runny nose, fever, etc.


This policy even covers for your doctor consultation (up to 8 consultations according to the plan opted for both yourself and the family), unlike the conventional health insurance policy which needs the 24 hours hospitalization. This plan from Apollo Munich even covers your pharmacy bills, diagnostics, annual health check-ups, specialist services, even the pre-existing diseases under OPD benefits are being covered under this plan.

Benefits of Apollo Munich Maxima health insurance plan

Some of the benefits of Apollo Munich Maximahealth plan are as follows:

  • Offers wide in-patient hospitalization coverage benefits.
  • Offers OPD benefits which covers outpatient treatment that do not require hospitalization.
  • Offers excellent flexibility for using OPD vouchers without the need to worry about sub-limits. Also, offers the flexibility to choose an optional Critical Illness Cover based on requirement.
  • Offers critical illness cover.
  • Offers comprehensive health check-up.
  • Offers life-long renewal policy.
  • Offers tax benefits as per the section 80 (D) of the Income Tax act.
  • Offers cumulative bonus for claim-free year.
  • New born and maternity benefit is offered but with a waiting period.

In-patient Module

Apollo Munich Maximahealth insured person can avail in-patient benefits such as coverage in-patient treatment, pre- hospitalization, post-hospitalization, domiciliary treatment, organ donor’s treatment, emergency ambulance, maternity expenses, newborn baby.

Outpatient Module

Apollo Munich Maximahealth insured person can avail outpatient benefits such as coverage for out-patient consultations, pre-existing illnesses, diagnostic tests, pharmacy, out-patient dental treatment, specialized services like spectacles and contact lenses, and annual health check-up within specified network of hospitals. Entitlement certificate is issued to the insured person for gaining outpatient benefits.


For an adult the premium for the Maxima Premium is Rs. 15,216 and while for the two adults it is Rs. 21,105! While the tax benefits, OPD entitlement certificates will pay for themselves and according to them the actual effective premium is Rs. 480 and Rs. 1570 for one adult and two adults respectively. This is for the sum assured of Rs. 3 Lakhs.

Maxima Health’s premium varies dependent upon one’s age, choice of benefits opted like the outpatients benefits, etc. But the premium for this policy surely is pretty high when compared to the conventional mediclaim policies in India which does not cover for the outpatient’s treatment, etc, but requires at least 24 hours in patient hospital stay.

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