Exercise now and Benefit Later

Exercise now and Benefit Later

I take my workout programme seriously, and I'm keenly aware of personal satisfaction derived from a physically fit body. Physical fitness is a powerful medicine which can decrease risk factors associated with a many lifestyle diseases.

Exercise enhances my ability to do physical work as well as encreasing my enthuasism and encourages a feeling of well-being. It also help to control my weight, releases tension and aids relaxation and sleep and encourages positive changes in other lifestyle habits, like eating .

How Light Workouts Can Beat Hard Ones

We know how it is. The thought of sweating through a workout can make you want to get up and go but you can only sit down and look. But here's some good news for you: Easy, breezy, light workout may do more for your energy levels than the hard stuff. So go ahead, put your workout on cruise control. Just this once.

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